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Private client and charity processes

Vinay A Bedi VB Investment Consultants - Financial consultancy services in Teesside

Vinay commenced his career in the investment industry as a research analyst, just before the 1986 Big Bang in the City and then the 1987 market crash…it was a great time in which to learn! Anyone can make money in a bull market. A bear market really sorts the men from the boys!

Those skills of assessing a financial position, analysing strengths and weaknesses and creating the best solution are the basis of how we would approach the first meeting. Everybody is different. All we ask is a willingness to be open on your side and we likewise will be very clear as to how we may be able to help, by the end of that first meeting.

If you already have an investment portfolio in whatever format (this could even be a SIPP or in the form of ISAs) we can review it and assess its’ suitability for you, its’ structure and recent performance.

For Charity Trustees Vinay is able to help with reviews of portfolio performance, discussions regarding the suitability and performance of your advisers and even setting up and managing beauty parades.

Vinay will attend all external meetings with you and remain involved in the process throughout, if that suits you.

It may be that we agree we need to focus on better performance (indeed, can you be sure the "performance" figures you are being shown are actually accurate or relevant?), greater growth or more income. Depending on your needs, we will identify together the right investment solution and house for you. This choice could range from a major global bank to a smaller, research led investment boutique. Again, we would stay closely involved with progress and attend all meetings.

It may be, after our discussions, that you feel you are happy with your current situation and don’t wish to change. In which case we will wish you all the best and there would be no charge or future expectation placed upon you.

Corporate Activity

Vinay's experience in the investment world is not just restricted to investment management and private client issues.

​Corporate activity has played a large part in his career and he has been involved in fund raising for businesses large and small, ranging from full flotations, AIM Market listings, EIS and private equity funding. Merger and Acquisition work is also frequently addressed for clients.

​As with all our work, we do not charge for any initial discussions or conversations. Depending on what we can and actually do achieve for you and your business a fee may eventually be chargeable as per appropriate, but this will not happen until you are happy with our contribution and the ongoing results.

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VB Investment Consultants - Financial consultancy services in Teesside

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