Our Fees

For Private Clients

You will not be charged directly for our meetings, Vinay’s time, or his experience within the financial services industry. If, following our conversations, you decide not to proceed then, yes, we will be sad, but it will cost you nothing.

So how do we get paid? Vinay may have had a successful career but can’t be that generous, surely?

The reality is that investment houses and indeed IFAs are always on the lookout for clients and new business. If we introduce prospective clients to them, then they will agree to a share of the fees they will eventually receive from managing your investments and providing ongoing advice. We will inform you what we will be receiving once we have negotiated the best deals for you. We can assure you…your ultimate fees will be no worse than any other of their clients.

For Charities

All initial discussions and conversations will not be chargeable.

​As meetings develop and specific work is identified then a means of charging will become naturally established and negotiated – you will never be left in the dark about this and will never receive a bill of any sort without understanding how and why.

For Businesses

As per Charity work, until it is understood how we can help and what we can achieve for you then no fees will be chargeable or discussed.

​We strive at all times to limit if not eliminate all costs directly to the business and only if this cannot be achieved will we will have a discussion about direct remuneration.

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