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Please remember, an IFA is not an investment expert, likewise an Investment manager is not a financial planning expert.

Why would we propose utilising Vertem?

A top-class investment house is crucial to the whole concept of an investment strategy, you can have the best financial planning advice, tax advice, accountancy advice etc. but if your investments ultimately underperform then the benefits of great advice are wasted.

Vertem are experts in investing money, they do not give financial planning advice. They simply do the core job properly.

Having worked in both national and global investment organisations it is refreshing to be able to say that Vertem is producing some of the best investment research, analysis and decision making that we have seen for very many years. The focus is on achieving performance for clients. They do not try to follow “the herd” or to “hug” an index or indices. Vertem produces its’ own research and will apply that to discretionary or even advisory portfolios, if that’s what you require.

Vertem has grown from a standing start in 2010 to now managing funds for its clients totalling more than £300m. This is exceptional growth and demonstrates that they are truly producing excellent results.

We will remain part of the process throughout and will monitor your portfolio and Vertem’s capabilities to ensure it’s right for you at all times and on an ongoing basis. We will also make sure the fees you are being charged are the best deals available at any stage.

Why would we propose utilising an IFA?

A good IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) is crucially important in ensuring your broad financial planning strategy is understood and properly formatted.

​A good IFA will be an expert in planning your finances for the future, including your pension and inheritance issues.

Having worked with many financial planners over the years, we believe that Teesside based Active are one of the best in the region. All their advisors are qualified and chartered. Their expertise is specialised: advisors have areas of speciality knowledge rather than covering the huge cross section of subjects that fall under the financial planning umbrella. Their charges are appropriate, realistic and visible.

Active also has a panel of investment houses which could ultimately be used to meet your objectives. Vinay will attend all meetings with you and help guide you on the most appropriate way forward, selecting the investment house, agreeing fees and monitoring progress.

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