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Our financial consultancy services are available to all.

Wealth is relative. 

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Vinay A Bedi

We offer financial and investment consulting services

for people and businesses

Existing investments

Planned investment

Financial planning (pensions, ISAs, cash, mortgages, school fees etc)

We can also help with:

Investments, involving Trustees

Corporate finance matters, including fund raising

Why contact us?

​Vinay has over thirty years’ experience advising and investing money for individuals, charities, pension funds and businesses. He is well known across the region for his expertise and knowledge of finance for individuals, charities and businesses.

The knowledge Vinay has accumulated within the investment management industry gives him a high-level insight into how stockbrokers, investment banks and IFA’s really do manage your money and present their “skills”.

That knowledge and expertise is now available to all our clients.

Vinay Bedi - Investment Consultant

Vinay A Bedi Our financial consultancy services are available to all

Vinay Bedi - Chartered FCSI

Investment Consultant

The first step simply involves an open conversation:​

What are your issues?

What are you trying to achieve?

If you are able to talk to us about your situation then we are able to take the first steps to helping you find a financial solution to your needs.

If you would like a discreet conversation to find out more, please do contact Vinay at:

vinaybedi@btinternet.com or call 07500 530 653

We look forward to hearing from you.

Vinay A. Bedi

Chartered FCSI

A trusted & professional financial consultant

A trusted & professional financial consultant.

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